Tree Felling

Sharpe Tree Care provides a high quality tree felling service ideal for any situation. We use the latest in tree surgery techniques and equipment to ensure felling can be conducted efficiently. Tree Felling is often required for maintenance and up keep of natural areas.

Tree Pruning

Once a tree reaches a certain stage in its life certain maintenance is required for up keep. Tree Pruning is crucial to a trees development as it removes old unhealthy growths, our services includes
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown lifting

Hedge Trimming & Removal

We provide a high quality hedge trimming and hedge maintenance service. Our services are available for everyone around the east midlands from home owners to commercial clients. Our team of professional pruners have been proven to provide one of the best trimming services around.

Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas

A tree could be protected by a Tree Preservation Order, or contained within a Conservation Area.

We always check to see if these preservation rules are in place before we conduct work. If you require your assistance for this kind of situation please contact us.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed you are left with the remaining stump. To remove the stump we provide a stump grinding service, this is ideal for clearing areas of land for construction purposes.


Here at Sharpe Tree Care we supply a sustained source of premium quality hardwood ideal for firewood. From a range of our services including tree surgery works and tree felling, we are able to provide a regular supply of locally sourced, hi grade and seasoned logs to our clients.

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